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Neighbourhood Plan

Report from Chris Bennett:

To update you all, and following the consultative questionnaire and analysis of responses from village residents regarding a Neighbourhood Plan.

The details below are an extract from the minutes of Nettleton Parish Council meeting on 10th December 2015. The impact of the council vote means that a Neighbourhood Plan is not to be pursued any further.

Neighbourhood Planning

10a – Motion proposed by Cllr Wright: The Parish Council takes no further action in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for all or part of the parish of Nettleton.

Chris Bennett spoke to say that 77% of people who had returned the survey were in favour of adopting a plan and that he would be happy that the community would have a greater say in planning decisions if they adopted a NP. Roger Brack stated that he was not of the opinion that as many as 80% of the surveys were returned and that the figures showed the amount of people, not properties. Cllr Minney also pointed out that anyone 12 years old and over could vote for a NP.

10b – Cllr Kerr read out a note from Cllr Pearce (who was unable to attend due to illness) who opposed the above motion for two reasons, summarised as follows; firstly, some items supported by the survey, such as more social housing, need a NP plan to promote them and, secondly, the financial and staff support for preparation of NP’s currently provided by Wiltshire Council may not continue. Cllr Kerr noted that he agrees with these points.

Cllr Wright and Cllr Minney said they had questioned many Burton residents regarding the NP and had found no-one to be in favour.

Cllr Wright proposed motion as above, seconded by Cllr Beare. Vote in favour Cllr Minney, Cllr Flint, Cllr Bush; vote against Cllr Kerr.

Motion proposed by Cllr Pearce: NPC to hold an Open Meeting to discuss NP. Motion fails as Neighbourhood Plan not going ahead as per Item 10a) above.

Alistair Caie 2014