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More progress clearing the derelict land in Nettleton Road

2014-06-27 15.24.10

Looking northwest

2014-06-27 15.24.34

Looking southwest

Having got hold of a brushcutter, it has been possible to get rid of most of the brambles, nettles etc., and open up the access to The Meads. Following the brushcutter, some of it has been run over with a rotary mower, but more needs to be done to shred or clear the brambles that have been cut down.

What is now left are some large hawthorn bushes, a large bramble bush, and a moderate sized holly tree. A hedge trimmer followed by the brushcutter would probably deal with the bramble bush, but it probably needs a tractor and chain to uproot the bushes and trees.

A further 73 Strongbow cans were found, making a grand total of 158.

Alistair Caie 2014