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Clearing the derelict land by Nettleton Road


The Rector of Nettleton, the Rev. Brooks Rickards, obtained plans for the proposed erection of a village hall, in 1921. It was located on the Nettleton Road just south of the turning to Church Hill and was of wooden construction in army hut style as made by Whiteley & Co., of Salisbury. The cost was £75. The hall fell into disuse and was demolished in the 1980s. Since that time, the land has been derelict.

An earlier attempts to clear the land in 2010 was stopped by Councillor John Wright, on behalf of the Parish Council.

It is now clear that the Parish Council have no record of actually owning this unregistered land, so until they can produce documentary evidence, those of us who want to get on and improve the village by putting this land back into a usable state can get on with it. 

Work to clear the land has begun, and the easiest bit of this, strimming the land that was cleared in 2010s is done. This has yielded 85 empty Strongbow cans so far, which will be recycled. This probably deserved the BRM (Burton Recycling Medal)  for Marje Caie, but somehow it was overlooked in the birthday honours list. The remaining land is a bit tougher to deal with, because it has lots of brambles, and so we need to get hold of a brush cutter to do it efficiently. However, we can be sure that there are lots more Strongbow cans to come. There are also a few hawthorns to be cut down.


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