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Welcome To Spring Concert 8 April 7.30pm

Burton Play Area Milestone

The Burton Community Association has now received planning approval for the Play Area Project. There are two special conditions, neither of which have a significant impact on the project:

1) No lighting to be installed without approval from the planning authority.

2) Any gates on the road frontage shall open inwards into the site only.

This milestone is the last of the potential show stoppers for the project. It will be marked by a celebration on the play area site Friday October 7th 5.30-6.30pm.

Burton Play Area Project: A Big Step Forward

Burton Community Association volunteers have now laid 28 tonnes of topsoil and 310m2 of turf on the play area. This is so that the area can be used by the community while the Association is raising the funds to complete the project. The topsoil and turf were partly funded by generous contributions from the suppliers, Bristol and Avon Group and Gloucestershire Turf. The ‘Buy a Sod for Burton’ appeal has raised over 300, with the balance from Association reserves.

The Association have now chosen the supplier and equipment for the play area, and expect to consult yourselves and the residents about the planned equipment and layout and submit the planning application in July. Once the plan is approved, fundraising will start in earnest.


Village Fete Sat 11 June 2.30pm

Good News from St Mary's

Marje Caie from Burton and Bobby Hamilton from Nettleton have been elected Churchwardens, filling two posts which have been vacant since 2013. A real step forward.

Burton Play Area Project: Time for Turf

Parissh Churches of Wiltshire : A Guide


This book is the first comprehensive guide to churches in Wiltshire. It will encourage many people to explore not only the nationally significant churches but also the smaller and less obvious places of worship that are tucked up away and easily by-passed. Where appropriate, the author describes new features that have augmented the historic character, such as Millennium stained glass windows, new sculptures, altar frontals, and memorials. Also touched upon are renewal and conservation measures, and the current trend for re-ordering. The book provides a useful guide to those visiting the county who wish to look beyond the main tourist places.

The book comprises:
- 206 pages
- Over 300 (Anglican and Catholic) churches covered
- Illustrated with more than 700 colour photographs and drawings

The price for this wonderful book is 20, and all profits go to St Mary’s Church in Burton.
Contact Marje ( 01454 218072, )

B4039 Temporary Road Closure 17 March

St Mary’s Fun Friday Quiz Night 18 March 7.30pm

Proposed new development in Burton

Please click here for details of a proposal for a new development of 12 houses off the Nettleton Road behind The Meads.

This is on the agenda for the meeting of Nettleton Parish Council on 10th March 7.30pm at West Kington Chapel, as follows:

11. Letter from Willis & Co regarding Land at Nettleton Road, Burton.

Bring letter received from Willis & Co to the attention of councillor’s and community with a view to putting on to April agenda, with a representative of Willis & Co invited, for discussion and to try to form a parish council view.

Alistair Caie 2014