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Teddy Bear's Picnic

There were several disappointed teddies when they were told that they would not be able to parachute from the church tower at St Mary’s Church (serving Nettleton and Burton) during the village fete in June. The wind was too strong and they would have gone for miles. They were promised a date in the future when they could do the jump.

On July 27th that future date had arrived. The opportunity to parachute was combined with a few activities and afternoon tea.

The excited teddies and toy fish, elephants and cat, were brought along to be harnessed into parachutes. They then waited patiently for their turn to parachute. Chris and James went up the tower and sent a brave teddy off to see if all was safe. It was. The first group went up with their time in the air measured. All the soft toys had their jump. Some wanted to go again but then changed their minds.

Sophia stayed in the air for the longest time. Her owner, Poppy, was presented with a chocolate teddy as a prize.

All this excitement was followed by a delicious picnic tea., then it was time to clear up.

Thank you to all who helped especially Plum who helped organise the event and Chris, James, Al and Judith who looked after the toys so they could have their jump. They also donated food as did Annie. Also thank you to the many who so willingly helped tidy up.

Alistair Caie 2014